Music and Monsters #1: Alex of Vamachara


Hot on the heels of their new LP release, Despondent, and playing alongside metalcore legends, Eighteen Visions and Martyr A.D., I was recently given the chance to talk with Alex from California hardcore outfit, Vamachara. (more…)


Death Cult(ure) Spotify Playlist #1: Daniel Licht

Music is as much of a part of my life as horror films are, so I have decided to combine my two favorite things into one new venture. I am proud to present a Death Cult(ure) curated playlist! (more…)

Review: “Get Out”

Very rarely does a widely released horror film show up to the theatre with more than an hour and a half of high tension entertainment, but Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, Get Out, roars into multiplexes with a razor-sharp satire and social commentary in an age desperate for it. (more…)

Is 2016 the Best Year for Studio Horror in Over Two Decades?

It has been a long time since studio horror films have been seen as a viable horror experience. It was often thought that you would have to dredge the pits of independent horror to find something that was truly a great horror experience from production values to story lines and acting. Many see mainstream horror releases as lackluster since the 1990s, citing the genre having “fallen off”from the glory days of the 1980s. (more…)

REVIEW: “Don’t Breathe”

If Fede Alvarez wasn’t on your radar for one of the next big genre directors, then “Don’t Breathe” is here to tell you how wrong you are. It has been 3 years since Fede Alvarez’s major directorial debut, “Evil Dead”, and now Mr. Alvarez is back with producer Sam Raimi to bring you the next big genre picture. (more…)

The First “Rings” Trailer and Poster Released

“Rings”, Paramount’s long awaited sequel in their “Ring” franchise has finally published a trailer online! It has been 11 years since the last of the American “Ring” films was released, with 2005’s “The Ring Two”. This time it is up to director, F. Javier Gutierrez, to bring the franchise to a new generation of horror fans. (more…)

10 films to watch after “Stranger Things”.

It has been a few weeks now since Netflix has released the phenomenal, “Stranger Things”. While a lot of people are familiar with the style that “Stranger Things” emulates so well, not everyone has experience with the Stephen King and Steven Spielberg 80s era sci-fi/horror/coming of age stories that a lot of us hold dear. So while we patiently await news and updates on a “Stranger Things” follow up, lets take a look at some of the films that inspired the new hit and some more current films that pair amazingly well with “Stranger Things”.  (more…)